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Do all of the tutors on the site have DBS certificates?

Most of them so, but not all. In fact a tutor does not HAVE to have a DBS certificate to tutor. Many parents like their child’s tutor to have a DBS certificate, so it is a good idea to ask before arranging a lesson.

How do I know what fee a tutor charges for a lesson?

The tutor’s fees are stated on their profiles.

Can I see the tutor’s certificates before proceeding with a lesson?

Not on the website. You would have to ask the tutor to provide a copy for you. However, all the tutors on the site have provided us with evidence that they have certificates.

How long does a lesson last?

That is a matter for you and the tutor to negotiate, but a typical lesson would last for one hour.

Do you take a percentage of the tutor’s earnings?

No. In January 2019, we will introduce a small signup charge for tutors wanting to list details on the website (in most cases, this will be less than the cost of one lesson). The tutor can take on as many or as few tutees as he/she wishes and keep every penny earned. 

Do you provide any learning resources such as interactive whiteboards, video lessons etc.?

No. This website simply coordinates tutors with tutees. This allows costs to be kept to a minimum. A tutor is at liberty to use Skype or any other systems to assist in tutoring online. We do have an resources and advice page for tutors unfamiliar with online tutoring.

Does the site contact tutors when they have a prospective client?

No. It is entirely up to the student to contact the tutor if they require a lesson. Tutors provide an email address to allow this to happen.

As a prospective tutor, how do I pay my annual fee to the website?

You require a Paypal or bank account in order to pay your fees.

Are all subjects and age ranges catered for?

Not at the moment. We aim to provide complete coverage of subjects and age ranges. As more and more tutors join the site, we move closer to this aim.